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Carrageenan is hydrocolloid extracted from red seaweeds by mild alkali process. It is a linear sulfated polysaccharides which appear very similar but differ only in the number and position of the ester sulfate groups. In Indonesia, carrageenophytes which are widely cultivated are the Eucheuma genus, the Kappaphycus alvarezii (Cottonii) and the Eucheuma denticulatum (Spinosum).

Characteristics that make Carrageenan useful:

  • The ability to form infinite variety of gel texture at room temperature, firm or elastic, with high or low melting point
  • The ability to thicken, suspend and stabilizes particulates as well as Colloidal dispersions and water/oil emulsions
  • It doesn't require refrigeration, does not melt at room temperature, being stable throughout repeated freeze-thaw cycles
  • Solutions shear thin (providing ease of pumping) yet viscosity and suspending ability are quickly restored on standing



  • Alkali-Treated Seaweed Chips
  • Pure Semi-Refined Carrageenan Kappa and Iota
  • Tailored, Customer-Specific Blends of Ingredients based on Semi-Refined Carrageenan for Different Applications (as listed below)
  • Raw Seaweed (Euchema cottonii, Euchema spinosum, Gracilaria)



The following product series are available for different applications in both food and non-food industries.

Figel D-Series for Dairy Application

  • Imparts homogeneous appearance, Prevent whey-off
  • Stabilizes cocoa suspension at very low concentration
  • Prevent syneresis and improves sliceability

Figel P-Series for Pet food Application

  • Binds meat particles effectively
  • Reduces syeneresis of the food, Economical
  • Provides uniform moisture throughout the can

Figel B-Series for Beverage Application

  • Enhances wort and and beer clarity
  • Efficient in protein coagulation
  • Decreases fermentation time, Cost effective
  • Improves shelf life (no chill haze)

Figel J-Series for Jellies Application

  • Improves elasticity, moisture retention
  • Contributes to gel clarity, serves as gelling agent
  • Enhances flavor release and mouthfeel

Figel C-Series for Ice cream Application

  • Imparts good overrun characteristics
  • Reduce ice crystal formation, give excellent body
  • Prevents precipitation of milk casein

Figel M-Series for Meat Application

  • Improves texture, reduce cooking purge
  • Enhances sliceability and mouthfeel
  • Retains water during and after processing
  • Maintains tenderness and juiciness and increase yield

Figel T-Series for Air Freshener Application

  • Contribute to prolong and controlled release of fragrance
  • Stability against syeneresis, Competitive price
  • Improves appearance creating stable,dry & texture gels

Figel TP-Series for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Application

  • Binder, bodying and form stabilization for toothpaste
  • Serves as gel film for non –animal based soft gel capsule